Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Runway Report: Paris Fashion Week Purses

Runway Report: Paris Fashion Week Purses

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confession: 23rd of March Look

Olay sunscreen 
Prestige eyebrow set.
STILA Cosmetics' Lip and cheek stain in Acai Crush
Eos lip balm in honeysuckle
Nars Lippies in Terre de feu
Johnsons and Johnson's loose (baby) powder

i know, i dont really look special or anything "Va-va-voom" here but still would like to share this very simple look with a kick thanks to Nars and Stila for their respective miracle products. 

Loved how the stila cheek stain looked natural on me.
(TIP: if you think we have the same skin color then this product is definitely a MUST-HAVE)

Nars Lippies has always been dependable for adding spark or "kick" to a simple look. And still not over the fact that it's my perfect red lippies. It's my perfect tricky color (you can look sophisticated with it, sexy, serious, fun- it all just depends on how you wear and match it with your over-all makeup), it's very rich not to mention that the texture is just AMAZIIIING.

Was running zoooper late that all i can afford to do infront of the mirror was brush my hair and line my brows (Recently massacred my brows so can't really leave the house without fixing it if i dont want to look stupid hehehe). So while on the road, just put all of those products i've mentioned above (one at a time, of course) and then brush my brows again (might do an Obsession entry about my brows, kidding).

So what do you guys think? Is it a bravo or a blah?

Love and Peace,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obsession: Smokey eyes

Obviously my eyes are very uneven, well they're not twins but cousins like everybody's eyebrows (thank you sean stevenson- Laura Mercier's Regional Training Manager for teaching me that, i need not to worry every single day on what else to do to even out my brows and well-- eyes).

Well this was actually taken last month. I played around the camera while waiting for my friend (of 17 years and counting) to pick me up. We went out to check the night life after months of hibernating.

Smokey black eyes + Barely there blush + nude pink lippies.

Let me know what you guys think about this look, is it a bravo or a blah?

Love and Peace,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Confession: Beauty tips

Yesterday's weather had me thinking about everyday makeup. As in, makeup i can wear even when Mother Nature is having a bad day herself and let the sun shines one hour and let it rains the next. Or have the sun shining up high while the whole city gets soaked in water.
HEY!!! Exactly what happened yesterday, right? i didnt actually notice until a friend pointed it out to me. Weather was just weird and then it occured to me, Global Warming. Like it or not, global warming has its effect on our beauty blah blah (routine, regimen or whatever you want to call it), so literally have no choice but to adapt to it. Am i starting to whack your nerves with all these science facts? Moving on.
Point is. In such unpredictable circumstances especially when affected by external factors (example: weather) i want my makeup to adapt and to stay in its place, don't you? So, i thought about my past makeup dilemmas and successes and came up with these simple solutions.
It is important to know what type of skin you're in every 4 months. With the changing weather and other varying factors, we all know that our skin changes like Mother earth in deciding weather forecast in a day. So devout time to check if it’s dry, oily, sensitive or combination of dry and oily.
This is basically a quick run-through as far as guide and reference departments are concerned so I wont go into specifics (I will definitely do a separate entry on that); but treat your skin according to its needs and not according to the makeup artist’s sales talk at the counter. So it’s really important that you define what type of skin you have.
One routine is for everyday look, it’s like your signature look routine. This should only take you 15 minutes or less. The other one is just like the first one but with a twist, it should be given more time since this makeup will give more attitude to the everyday signature look. On weekends, if you ever find yourself just watching trash TV; well you can be more experimental and artsy by practicing to perfection one specific makeup (look) routine. Reminder though, only one routine to be practiced in a day. It might confuse you and to keep your focus, just do one per day.
Perfecting a makeup routine will save you time and take out the pressure when you’re running late for work or school.
Simple tips to keep your makeup last the whole day even with the changing weather.
When applying foundation, key word is “light” not thick. It wont melt on your face too quickly. Also advisable to use a foundation with SPF to keep the layers on a minimum, instead of having a different layer for your sunscreen and foundation.
Eyeliner and mascara must be water-proof. It will help keep the makeup in place when you sweat or when it rains (all of a sudden).

As for your reference, i posted two pictures of myself. The one on the right is my mastered-everyday look.

What you'll need:
Sunscreen, moisturizer, powder, Eyeliner, blush, lip balm and your favorite lipgloss :)

the one on the left is my perfected-in-one-month-of-practice-look i do when going out and i want to paint my face.

What you'll need:
Sunscreen, moisturizer, face primer, concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow in white sheer, black, bronze, Eyeliner, blush, lip balm, and nude lippies.

I may have miss some important points, feel free to comment and add it in. i will of course give you credit :)

Is it a bravo confession or a blah one? what do you guys think?

Love and Peace,

(I am a part-time (self-taught) makeup artist. I thank my bestfriend in the whole wide world C for experimenting anything and everything beauty-related with me.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obsession: Red wine lips

I am obsessed with this Nars' wine red lipstick a friend gave me. Wore it once (dress down day) to school and everyone fell in love with it that all i said in reply was "I am madly in love with it too!" I couldn't help it, been looking for a dark lip stick that will compliment my olive skin.

Can you see from the photo how rich the color is? Maybe not as i just used the photo booth in my laptop, recently broke my digicam- the flash finally gave up on my vanity hahaha well my six-year-relationship with my camera is officially over. So for weeks now, been on the look-out for occasions i can wear this to; unfortunately for me, i have to wait for this week to be over as this week's schedule is just going to school-- no parties to attend, no night out with the girls, nothing.

Nars' Terre de Feu :)

Oh, i have a couple of internship interviews lined up next week and week after that. Should i wear it or not?

Is it a bravo obsession or a blah obsession? What do you guys think?

Love and Peace,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Have you heard of any makeup artist or makeup guru say “falling soldiers” while doing a demo or workshop? I have. And this “falling soldiers” experience was just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more crazy makeup terms, techniques, and advices to learn from the GREAT SEAN STEVENSON. 
FYI: Falling soldiers’ definition - pigment fall-outs when applying eye shadow.  
Lucky to have been invited the first time HOLLYWOOD MUA Sean Stevensoncame to manila for a series of workshop. This brilliant and quirky Regional Training Managers of Laura Mercier— SEAN STEVENSON has worked with Jake Gyllenhaal, Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon to name a few hollywood stars (OMG!!! not yet time for a jaw-drop). Wait here’s more, he has also worked for top designers such as Escada, Michael Kors, Imitation of Christ, and Monique Lhuillier (OMG!!! Jaw-drop).
IT’S A MUST FOR ALL MAKEUP/BEAUTY Junkie to attend this workshop. 
I am sure, you will learn a lot of makeup techniques not to mention the funny makeup terms (he invented himself), which he charmingly drops from time to time. I love him for that— It made the workshop funnier, the vibe lighter and yourself more comfortable after you’ve been star struck. 

I am telling you. one BLOCKBUSTER workshop, you shouldn’t miss. 
*For every P2,500 worth of purchase, you get a complimentary pass.
Save the date: March 10/ 4:30 pm/ Weddings and Beyond, 4/F Rustan’s Makati.
For details, kindly check the invite.

Love and Peace,


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