Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obsession: Red wine lips

I am obsessed with this Nars' wine red lipstick a friend gave me. Wore it once (dress down day) to school and everyone fell in love with it that all i said in reply was "I am madly in love with it too!" I couldn't help it, been looking for a dark lip stick that will compliment my olive skin.

Can you see from the photo how rich the color is? Maybe not as i just used the photo booth in my laptop, recently broke my digicam- the flash finally gave up on my vanity hahaha well my six-year-relationship with my camera is officially over. So for weeks now, been on the look-out for occasions i can wear this to; unfortunately for me, i have to wait for this week to be over as this week's schedule is just going to school-- no parties to attend, no night out with the girls, nothing.

Nars' Terre de Feu :)

Oh, i have a couple of internship interviews lined up next week and week after that. Should i wear it or not?

Is it a bravo obsession or a blah obsession? What do you guys think?

Love and Peace,


  1. nice post!!
    you may have no make up on and just red lips with mascara make you sexy right away!!
    it looks good on all girls and skin types,but you have to find the perfect red for you ;)

  2. I love that color and you should DEFINITELY wear it o the interview, it will show that you're confident and also draw attention to your mouth so that the interviewer will pay more attention to what you are saying! :)


  3. That is a gorgeous color on you! Please do let me know the name of it. I have been looking for a good red lipstick for ages.

    Good luck on your internship!!


  4. I have been looking for some new lipies for ages! I may give Nars a go! You are so beautiful and that colour is lovely!!


  5. Thank you for all of your lovely comments :) sorry about being too lazy to check the name last night (btw, my blog clock is wrong) :(

    oh and it's Terre de feu :)

    im going to nail those interviews for you girls, so overjoyed with the support!

  6. hey, Just want to let U know that I've named U for the versatille award on my blog. btw, U have sexy lips.


  7. Great blog! I really like your make-up tips ;D

  8. Thank you QueenLeeya! will definitely check the versatile award on your page :)

    hahaha thanks for appreciating the makeup tips :)

  9. you look gorgeous! love, love, love!


  10. Love the lips!
    xo Cara


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