Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confession: 12th of April look

I dont know why i decided to wear makeup last tuesday (12th of April), there wasn't a need for it. hmmm...

First thing's first. Tools i used:

For the face:
Stila skin corrector
Maybelline cream foundation in #24 True Beige
L'oreal liquid foundation in Golden Beige
NYC Loose powder

Because it makes my skin glow this way, i mix the Stila skin corrector with l'oreal and maybelline foundation (i blend the two to get my right skin color) and apply it on my face using a foundation brush.

Nars' eye shadow duo in Stage beauty
Marks and Spencer eyeshadow in chocolate
Marks and Spencer eyeliner in Kohl
Beauty Trend Liquid eye liner
Face shop white eye liner
Maybelline's Volum' Express Waterproof mascara in very black (not in the picture)

Use the sparkling white shadow in your Nars' stage beauty or any similar shadow you have. Check the picture on the side, it's that highlighted one.
Using a flat brush, pat it all over your eye lids. Make sure you put a little extra on the inner corner of your eyes.

Then get the brown shadow, i used Marks and Spencer in chocolate. It has a little shimmer but totally not sheer. It's a perfect pair to blend with the white sparkly we put on first. So, from the outer corner of your eye dab it gently, then you stroke it towards the center of your  eyes. Make sure you blend, blend, and blend it well. Area: Outer corner to the center of your eyes, from the lash line up to your crease line.
Remember: DO NOT go beyond your crease line.

Line your eyes with the liquid liner. Make sure the line is thin from the inner corner then gets a little thicker (but not really thick) as you reach the outer corner and just do a baby flick (should not be obvious).

Curl your lashes.

Line your upper water line with the kohl-colored eyeliner. Line your lower water line with the white eyeliner then top it off with the kohl liner.

Apply mascara on your lashes. Dont forget that you wiggle your way up to separate lashes from each other.

Nichido brow liner in Brown

Brush your brows according to its original shape. Fill in the gaps by drawing small strands of hair just to make it look more natural. Once your done, brush it again and you may put a clear gel mascarra or a wax to secure it in place.

Stila lip and cheek stain in Acai Crush

Put a small dot on the apple of your cheek and blend with your fingers. Make sure you blend it well so you don't leave stain marks on your cheeks.

EOS Lip balm in honeysuckle
ELF lip stain in Fashionista

Sweep on the lip balm and then off to the lip stain, this step should be easy.

Finish off with a face powder and--- VOILAAA, You're done!

Yeyyy! I was really happy with this look that i got a little vain while waiting for my professor and so i took pictures of myself and just did Photobooth-galore.

If you have any name suggestion, please feel free to post them. So, what are your thoughts?
Is it a bravo or blah look? I want to know. Thank you.

Love and Peace,


  1. You know, i tried The Faceshop cosmetics and i really liked them, but suddenly they closed the store and i dont know where to find them now!!:/

  2. Thanks sarah :)

    @Pretty Dee Dee that's sad.. they have pretty good makeups :( check if you can order online :)


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