Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confession: Au Revoir Decarnin

Source: Stylecaster

Christophe Decarnin leaves Balmain. All fashion websites and celebrities are talking about it as it was just (earlier) today that Decarnin expressed his resignation from the brand.

"Today, Pierre Balmain announced the end of its collaboration with Creative Director Christophe Decarnin. Alain Hivelin, CEO of Pierre Balmain, noted that 'since 1945, the house of Pierre Balmain hasbeen one of the leading French and international luxury brands. Christophe Decarnin’s work with the house’s design team contributed to the success that the brand has enjoyed in recent years.'"

Source: Glamour
Decarnin has given Balmain its identity and success, of course; all through out the time he was with the brand. 

The padded-shoulders (as dana, my friend first thought of upon breaking the news to her) and the expensive attitude jeans will always be the signature "Decarnin for Balmain" style. 

Does this exit has anything to do with Decarnin not taking his bow during the fashion week?
Well, no words yet as to who will succeed Balmain as Creative Director so that will be another news that will might leave us breathless.

After rumours about Hannah MacGibbon also leaving or be taken out of Chloe during the fashion week (false alarm on this one, GOOD), Corine Roitfield leaving Vogue Paris and a no-show during the Fashion week (was only seen during the Balenciaga) and of course the most controversial of all, John Galliano out of Dior after making anti-sematic remarks. I only have one question in mind.

What is happening to the Fashion world? Definitely the boat is rocking and it's rocking way too much. Hopefully, will go back to normal as soon as possible and only the best to come for Balmain, Decarnin and shall we include Dior and Galliano into this (prayer and) wish.

What are your thoughts?

Let's take a look at Decarnin's last masterpieces for Balmain during this year's Paris Fashion Week.

Fall 2011 RTW:

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  1. i loved decarnin's collections for balmain.he single handedly brought power shoulders back into fashion,so i don't really know what balmain was thinking firing him!
    also,you're right,with roitfeld's ouster from french vogue and galliano's anti sematic rants,the fashion world kind of has gotten jilted,and i too hope things get back to normal asap!

  2. he resigned though, well that i still need to confirm. Hopefully, he's not sick or anything. Remember the rumours during the fashion week :|

    thank you for dropping-by :)

  3. I'm so sad he left the house, he was my favourite designer :( and those balmain clothes he designed were adorable!

  4. I adore him and he's one of the designers i hope to work for someday but im quite intrigued and a little scared for him too. he has health issues which im trying to google, so far no luck. I hope his resignation is the best option for him.

    love, Pattieta


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