Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confession: My Partner

I have not updated my blog for the past few weeks, as i've been busy with school papers. Classes officially ended two weeks back but if you're an incoming senior, well it is safe to not expect any vacation this summer. More to that, you can kiss your summer plans good bye and start making love with your summer internship and thesis.

So with not much choice, welcomed April with stress and confusion. Thank God for having a partner, i didn't have to go through it all ALONE. Already blogged her few weeks ago but i think it's proper to introduce her formally as i have this feeling that she'll be a regular guest here.

Meet my thesis-partner-to-be, DANA.

People thinks she's a model, well; not yet but SOON.

Here's what dana and i had been up to lately.

Thesis. Thesis. Internship. Thesis. And more Thesis.
We would usually meet up at a coffee shop to work on it together though we have different topics but still wont get everything done until last night. A night of rootbeer, energy drink, chips ahoy, home-made kani salad (since Dana is pescatarian although it was my salad and just shared it with her), and tons of journal articles.

This was last night, forced Dana to stay at my place to finish both of our papers. Good thing we did but we were already too exhausted to still go to school that we ended up snoozing and decided to just pass whatever wee need to pass tomorrow.

This was us. I looked like i gained weight, im not surprised cos i did. And it was just over the weekend and it sucks to know that indulging for only two days will cause me hard core hiphop abs and dancing for two weeks.

What else? So i guess that's about it. More thesis adventure to come in the coming days.

i shall give you a real beauty/fashion confession within the day.

Love and Peace,

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