Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obsession: Sunnies for your Face Shape

Oh sunnies, how can you not love thee?

My favorite pairs right now:

Got both of them on sale at Aldo in Greenbelt 5 months ago (only P300 or $6.00).

It's the perfect element to complete a look. It is also (somewhat) an intervention to make a blah look complete and make it look glam!

If i can wear one even when it's raining and/or out clubbing i would because it's one of the best compliments for my face shape (which is just really weird- like it's torn being oval, round, and heart). I wear the right pair and BOOM i instantly look different.

For the longest time, i was in love with my black sunnies (it has almost round-like shape with rounded corners but the frame is a soft-square emphasized by the gold detail around the corner) before i accidentally injured it. I broke (no idea how) the hinge but saved the frame because i have plans for it in the future.

here's a picture of my most treasured sunnies:

the most beautiful right?

You see, it only has one arm.

Anyone in manila who knows where i can have this pretty thing repaired? i checked in a couple of optical shops and they don't, sadly. Oh, anyway i am not in a rush. I still need it to save up for it cos i do not know how much exactly it will cost me. So this is the problem:

 It is that part that holds the screw that is broken.

Moving forward, as it is once again the time where the sun is always out i think it is equally important as applying spf as to wearing sunnies for your eyes.

So how do you make sure you get the perfect pair of sunnies?
To make this easy to understand i've put into use my photoshop skills to help you. 

OVAL - Cat eyes frame
Why will it work? the curves will give your face shape a little drama into it. It will also add a little angle on your face. 

TRIANGLE - Aviator frame
Why will it work? the cut will fall perfectly on your cheekbones giving it a bit of emphasis thus outlining your face but not elongating it

SQUARE - Round frame
Why will it work? the no edge frame will soften your angular shape making you look more feminine than ever.

HEART - oversized oval frame
Why will it work? the soft edges of the frame will compliment your the outline of your face leaving the important features uncovered.

ROUND - square/boxy frame
Why will it work? actually the opposite of the square shaped face, this frame will give your face an imaginary angle adding a contrast to your no-edge face shape.

Get it? Enjoy your spring/summer break where ever you are.

So what are your thoughts? Blah confession or bravo? Let me know.

Love and Peace,

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