Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confession: Brights' trend in Pinkish Red

This post was long overdue because of a hilarious (and stupid reason)-- i honestly cant think of a title for it.

It's not suppose to be a big deal but i sometimes get a little OC with my titles, for some reason i can't explain cos i don't have any idea why i am like that in the first place. Call me weird.

So this was last, April 14. Met up with Dana to finalize our thesis chapters' 1 and 2 and then after an hour since we kissed goodbye got a call from her and broke the summer-life-changing news.

Internship starts monday!
Yey, excited! We were both really excited that come sunday night i couldn't sleep. Never had the chance to sleep that night and-- oops, not really the point why i wrote this entry. Going back to what i wore.

Well, i wore a black dress over this pinkish red knitted raindrop cardis and paired with ankle-high gladiator wedge. Belt-ed it to secure that cardis from flowing freely (you can skip this side story: securing cardis probably made me look like I'm working or mature- whatever, because I bumped into a couple of hi-hello friends from way back and they thought i was working).

Im quite disappointed with this entry but this has been on my drafts for more than a week now- it's time to get it published.
I apologize for missing out some points here, not a good night for me to blog.
So let me know what you think. Is it a bravo or a blah?

Love and Peace,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confession: Mood shifts to Street

Another safe look playing with neutrals. However, i really love it because it looks very street to me.

It looks very comfortable (in fact it was), organic (must be the wood ensembles), and cute (but not sweet cute). It is also very light for the eyes to look at, it is not complicated at all. More to that, it is for real light to wear too.

The white loose top (which i borrowed from my mom), leggings (P400 or $8), gladiator wedge (P450 or $9, not sure with this one but it's that or less than that amount); all pieces are cheap (obviously) but put together properly- this look finds its way to exude an everyday street look that is not trashy at all right? Plus the fact that it also takes a couple of years off to my age. Seriously. This mix of pieces actually faked my age, unintentionally, thank goodness!

I think the kick of this look should be attributed to the accessories, since white top and black leggings are not only safe but it's a classic look everyone can pull off, i mean, accessories are your last resort to make it your own and put your character into it.

So, what do you guys think? Is it a blah or bravo? Let me know.

Love and Peace,


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