Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confession: Brights' trend in Pinkish Red

This post was long overdue because of a hilarious (and stupid reason)-- i honestly cant think of a title for it.

It's not suppose to be a big deal but i sometimes get a little OC with my titles, for some reason i can't explain cos i don't have any idea why i am like that in the first place. Call me weird.

So this was last, April 14. Met up with Dana to finalize our thesis chapters' 1 and 2 and then after an hour since we kissed goodbye got a call from her and broke the summer-life-changing news.

Internship starts monday!
Yey, excited! We were both really excited that come sunday night i couldn't sleep. Never had the chance to sleep that night and-- oops, not really the point why i wrote this entry. Going back to what i wore.

Well, i wore a black dress over this pinkish red knitted raindrop cardis and paired with ankle-high gladiator wedge. Belt-ed it to secure that cardis from flowing freely (you can skip this side story: securing cardis probably made me look like I'm working or mature- whatever, because I bumped into a couple of hi-hello friends from way back and they thought i was working).

Im quite disappointed with this entry but this has been on my drafts for more than a week now- it's time to get it published.
I apologize for missing out some points here, not a good night for me to blog.
So let me know what you think. Is it a bravo or a blah?

Love and Peace,


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