Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confession: Laura Mercier's Classic Smoky Eye Palette

"Smoky Eyes" is everybody's favorite and had been a mainstream look as far as makeup department is concerned, right? Problem is, not all of us are PRO makeup artist that  can create perfect smokey eye effect using just any black, gray, and white eyeshadow regardless of brand and tools to use. There are palettes in the market solely dedicated to create that look but sadly none was good enough to claim "the best" smoky eye palette tag.

My version of smoky eyes using my cousin as a model (used 3 brands to create that look).

Then enter, Laura Mercier's Classic Smoky Eye palette. And boy-oh-boy! is this palette real?
You get a cake liner (in Black Ebony), 4 shadows (in sparkling noir, granite, sable, and vanilla) and 5 brushes (2 double-headed). 

Laura Mercier's Classic Smoky Eye Palette

I wouldn't be dropping brand names but usually a smoky eye palette only comes in 4 shadows with a sponge applicator or a mini c-brush.  This palette will get you that PRO artist smoky eye look cos you have the liner, the shadows, and the brushes! Winner :)

This is totally a bet na bet product! Your thoughts?

Oh! Check back on monday cos i will be blogging about 
the Laura Mercier workshop + Blending genius PRO makeup artist Albert Kurniawan.

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