Sunday, September 18, 2011

Confession: Laura Mercier + Albert Kurniawan = Blockbuster hit!

Attended the Laura Mercier Workshop last sept 16 at Rustan's Makati. PRO MUA Albert Kurniawan conducted the workshop featuring Laura Mercier's classic smoky eye palette. He did two looks- morning and night (using the same palette) and both were beyond beautiful.

PRO MUA Albert in-action
Disclosing techniques and his secret tools to guests

the night look: Smoky Eyes using the Classic Smoky Eye Palette by Laura Mercier

I was lucky enough to chat with Albert Kurniawan. So the guy was from head-to-toe charming but what's so amazing about him was his humility that exudes naturally even if he has bragging rights under his name... Like, he does makeup for Heart Evangelista*, Lovi Poe*, Venus Raj* and then he taught Ms. Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup* how to do her own makeup, basically groomed her.
He was also Us Girl's Makeup Artist of the Year 2011* (with Ricci Chan). And i can tell you more things about him but i know you lovelies can always google him right? Like i did.

Our chat with the model Therese (whose picture you see above) was basically about his family and how he got started in the industry. I would love to share his wonderful story but it's not my life so i'd rather not but maybe i can mention that he took up interior design in college. Rest of the information maybe you can ask him when he conducts another workshop, at least you know what to ask to keep him talking ;) Promise though, next time i see him ill make sure to include everyone with the help of my video recorder, sounds like a brilliant plan to me!

Oh, oh, oh! He mentioned he looooves doing weddings. Putting my name on the line, get him to do your makeup for your special day and i'm sure it's going to be worth every penny.

P.S. Oh i remember he told me, "I think barely nude will look good on you." Snatched a lippies consultation from an expert!

Thank you Laura Mercier for organizing this FREE workshop for everyone. Thank you Albert for the tips and techniques.

Love and Peace,

*Before the workshop, the host mentioned the celebrities he has worked with so it didnt come from  him and then the US Girls Award i found out cos i googled. Hahaha. Thank you

Where to see Albert in-action: Cosmo (page 3) and US Girls MUA 2011 Award.

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