Friday, February 24, 2012

Confession: Devirginized face

Ever since my world began, i never had anyone touch my face for anything- seriously. Like i never had a professional check it or had a facial treatment, Until the 23rd day of February happened and i had my very first facial treatment at the Dermalogica Spa located at the 5th floor of Rustan's Makati.

What happened?
A LOT. My aesthetician "Nice" (that's her name) massaged, cleansed, massaged, evaluated (Face Mapping), massaged, exfoliated, massaged, pricked, massaged, toned, and massaged my face down to my upper chest around the shoulder area.

How was the experience like?
The experience is not something i would describe as amazing because i got my white/black heads and budding pimples pricked out of my face- it was not painful but that session woke me up from my almost dreaming state. It's not as if i didn't enjoy the whole session because before i got my impurities taken out i were getting the best face massage, you guys know what i mean right?

Simply, this isn't an experience you would describe as "amazing" how can i when i were sleeping--more like half-asleep the whole time.

I'll give you a rundown of what happened, as soon as i opened the room for my treatment it already made me 10% relaxed- the room was peaceful as the lighting was perfectly set, there was a sound of a running water that was so relaxing to hear, the smell of the room was relieving me from stress for every breath that i take. By the time the session started, i were already feeling serene inside and honestly, that was the best part of this experience. The set up was actually part of the actual treatment which made the whole experience extra-ordinary. As an advertising student, i must say i were impressed that the brand stands true to its brand essence. I've tried spas for a body massage and usually the experience starts the moment your masseuse has her/his hand touching your body, agree?

You know i hate going to the doctor and see people around me in chaos. It makes me more tense even if i am just there for a normal checkup. At the clinic, everything was set up to make me feel at ease. Friendly faces of the staff, the calming aroma at the receiving area, cleanliness of the place-- So by the time i started with my facial i already got that peaceful vibe inside me and i believe that when you avail of any service at any beauty clinic or spa you pay mainly for the experience- the gratification and satisfaction you will get after but my experience at Dermalogica started the moment i stepped in there.

If you want to experience something that is worth every centavo you let out of your wallet and you're a fan of facial treatment and stuff, this is something you should try.

So would you do it again?
Yes. I mentioned it was my first time to experience this and i am just glad i made the right choice for choosing Dermalogica spa to trust my face with.

I will blog about this again with the complete details of the treatment i had and hopefully i can get an overview of the other treatments. I will be working on that and get in-touch with the right people. If you want to know how much it costs, feel free to inbox me or comment below and ill get back to you asap.

Raise your drinks,


  1. I want to experience diamond peel soon.


  2. Ha! i am not sure if my skin is ready for another adventure, JUST yet. But if you find the time to experience diamond peel soon feel free to come back and tell me about it.


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