Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confession: Stila's One Step Corrector Review

When you see this product at the store counter, i am 95% sure that you would give it a closer look. Very intriguing--veryyy DNA-ish? 

Stila's One Step Corrector had been in the market for over a year. 
It was early last year (2011) got a hold of it when my bff C gave me this product as a random gift and now I am on to my 2nd bottle and writing a review for you, friends.

What it does?

It is a corrector, anti-aging skin care, brightener, moisturizer, and silicone-free primer in one. True for me but not for everyone.

Primer. Works to prime skin and hold makeup products for longer time than usual. 

Concealer. You see that green, peach, and lavender swirlies? They do work miracles for my skin. This product gives my skin light coverage which helps in the process of building cover on to the areas that needs a lot of concealing*. Personally, i like the idea that the first product i put on my face already helps in that aspect. Also helps even out my skin, now i dont really have to put so much foundation on.

Brightener and Moisturizer. It helps brighten my skin also leaves it with a dewy glow finish (best for spring and summer). There were days when i lack sleep and i just look like a disaster. This helps in moisturizing my skin and makes it glow (like naturally). Look at the picture below and judge for yourself. 

Over all?
If you have an oily skin like me, then this is a good product to invest in especially if you have dry skin because i am more than sure that it will work more wonders for you. However, if you have a sensitive skin-- i cannot really tell. I have a friend who used the same product but did nothing on her skin (she has sensitive skin), leaving her disappointed and feeling "meeeeh" about the product.

This product is a little expensive (Php 1,700) but gets the job done. If you're looking for a primer + moisturizer + brightening serum in one, you may want to try this out. It works perfectly.

If youre working on a budget, you can ditch your face mist and moisturizer next time you go shopping and get this multi-tasking product, instead. 

*To help you understand, i have extra active oil glands making my skin dramatically oily than others. I do have light pimple scars and at the moment dealing with three dry pimples (crossing my fingers) that they dont leave any unwanted marks on my face. Little bit of uneven skin tone on the areas of my cheeks towards the temples, they look burned and a little darker and very light smile marks.

Love and Peace,
Pattieta aka Poppy

If you have this product, let me know i want to hear your story too and include it in this review. Thanks!


  1. thanks for the review! i heard stila is a great brand, i'm excited to try this out soon :)

  2. You're most welcome Hazel :) Let me know what you think after. Good luck!

  3. after seeing this in the shops today I'm very intrigued, I want!

  4. @Sammy i would say that you give it a go and try it :) works for me though as i've said didnt really satisfied my friend but you'll never know if it'll work for you unless you try it, right? Maybe you can share a bottle with your sister or a friend. Good luck!


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