Monday, February 20, 2012

Obsession: Tools of the trade

If you're just starting up to invest in and (at the same time) build your makeup collection, knowing and using the right tools is a basic necessity. So here's a guide on makeup brushes based on my experiences, adventures and booboo's, and preference.

1. NO TO ANIMAL HAIR. No excuses.

Foundation Brush

2. For your Foundation - basically, i want a flat and firm brush. Although, this really depends on what kind of finish you want and/or  kind of product you're applying on your face; since some works best with a sponge or hand application. But just to know your best bet for a foundation brush - it should be flat and firm.

Flat Brush/Semi-flat C eye shadow brush

3. For your Eye shadow - a semi-flat c eye shadow brush can work 4 jobs making it cost-efficient. Applying eye shadow, can be used to highlight brow bone, and the tip can be use to apply shadows on your crease and on your lash line for powder liners.

Blending brush

4. For your Concealer - there is a concealer brush available in the market but i (personally) just work best with a blending brush when buffing out my concealer especially the cream ones. Not to mention that you also need a blending brush to create soft edges for your shadow. So a bit fluffy blending brush with a dome-like shape is a must-have in your kit.

Total Face/Powder Brush

5. For your Blush - you want a round and fluffy brush as big as the apples of your cheeks for easy application and at the same time can work as a total face/powder brush.

But of course if you have the moolah to get all the brushes you need in one shopping day then that would be great.

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