Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obsession: ELF Corrective Concealer

Back with another obsession, if you missed the first one or you're looking for a primer click here

So we put the spotlight on ELF's Corrective Concealer for today's post. You guys have seen me use it in my last video and it did a great job, agree?

Available in Landmark and all Watsons store
What it does?
It's a brightening + corrector + neutralizer for P249.75. 

Light/Dark skin tone corrector helps hide dark circles and even out skin. They maybe some areas in your face that are darker/lighter because of acne scars, allergy marks, and/or other factors. Also, around the lips to highlight and make it stand out more once you've put on your lippies. 
Would've been better if the darker corrector is significantly darker and same goes with the lighter one so both concealer would work with any skin color when you mix the two-- Also, to achieve better concealing result. Lucky for me, the lighter tone matches my skin color perfectly (now the darker cream goes without a purpose). Hopefully, when i do makeup gigs i can use it with some morena models so nothing goes wasted.

Pink cream is for under eye areas, pale spots and where baby veins appear. I have an area around my cheek where baby veins pop out of nowhere, i use it to neutralize it. The pink one also helps brighten up tired looking eyes, giving it an instant kick of glow. Works perfectly for me.

Green is for any areas where redness appears. Best in covering budding pimples (if you do dare to touch it), sides of your nose if there's more redness in it than discoloration and if you just had your brows cleaned it can get really red right? so you can use this one to minimize the redness. 

here you go with the swatches
Over all?
I like it because it has a powdery feel instead of the usual creamy-sticky texture. It's a little moist so it glides on smoothly when i apply it using my finger. It does crease a little bit but that's because i have dramatically oily skin than anyone in the world, but seal it in with a powder and it's perfect. 

I do recommend you all try it, at least for the pink corrector. The pink corrector gets the job done, it justifies the amount you paid for it. I will surely buy this again for the pink and light skin tone concealers, special mention on the pink one cos there's nothing else like it in the market that i know of. Oh! and if you have light lines under your eyes the "magical pink concealer" kind of erases that too.

So, You get four correcting concealer and a mini concealer brush for a reasonable price, this is not bad at all. Right? YES.

Do you have this product in your makeup bag? If so, let me know what do you think about it? I want to hear your story and include it in this review so let me know. 

Thank you.

Love and Peace,

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