Friday, February 17, 2012

Obsession: Spring colors in a Palette

How do you like the idea of having all those dreamy spring eye shadow colors in your make up bag for less than P1,000.00 or $20? And so we shall start counting the colors we want-- yellow, lavander, fuschia, red, sky blue, gold, silver, orange, apricot, coral, berry, lilac, hot pink, purple.. and the list goes on; say about 80 something wearable spring colors perfect to complete your Spring look? Score!

It's inevitable not to pass by the mall when you're 2-3 weeks away from finals week. There's a need to be out there-- to check and observe your possible competitors and market behavior, canvass and buy ingredients for product and i should stop this before i totally bore you. So, on my way to the grocery a light reflected on this glass-like thing that caught my attention. i thought, there's a shinning, shimmering, and splendid creation out in the cosmetics' section that needs to be seen (now i sound like I am writing a paper for my Creative writing class).

Moving on to the deal. So followed the light like the three kings who followed the star to find-- i'll stop. So just followed the light and it got me to the ELF Cosmetics rack and there they are wild Spring colors in a palette shining like gold to my eyes. I asked the beauty assistant if i can see it so she took it out of the box and opened the palette, it was screaming GORGEOUS SPRING COLORS!
(by the way, Jaja was my amazing and really helpful beauty assistant, you all should get your ELF products from her)

They have two new palettes-- one in 100 eye shadow palette. So, you get 100 beautiful spring eye shadows for P899.75 (not very sure but not over P900) then the other palette offers 88 eye shadow colors,  20 lip colors, 3 blushes, and 2 bronzers for the same price which i am only 98% sure but guaranteed not over P900. Check below for pictures.

100 piece Eye Shadow Palette 
88 piece Eye Shadow Palette

So if youre bold enough to wear colors this spring, you may want to grab these palettes or at least one. Or if you're currently trying to learn how to put makeup on, this isn't a bad palette to practice with. By the time you get this palette clean empty, you've already mastered the art of blending shadows on your lids. Grand.

That's all the news i have, i hope this has been helpful in a way. Forgive my side-stories about school, just fooling around. Love and Peace.

Raise your drinks,

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