Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obsession: Laura Mercier's makeup workshop with Jeffrey Tasker

Jeffrey Tasker, who is the genius international makeup artist of Laura Mercier is coming back to Manila to do another beauty workshop. Seriously, raise whatever you are drinking!

So why don't we start counting down the weeks for yet another makeup obsessed and/or beauty junkies' MUST attend, HUGE event.

I have been a big fan of Laura Mercier ever since I were introduced to the product. It stands true to it's brand's promise of flawless skin. We all want to have a flawlessly perfect skin like when we were babies right? smooth, glowing, and blemish/acne/pimple-free; flawless in short. And I believe that a brand's relationship to it's consumer does not stop on purchase, it's begins in there. That is why, I really appreciate the efforts of the people behind Laura Mercier here in our country and those in the states when they send their experts here who works close with Laura Mercier to show and teach us how to perfectly achieve a Flawless finish face. They share thoughts of why Laura Mercier developed this certain product and what it's for. WIN.

So cross-out this date in your calendars and let us have a makeup date with Jeffrey Tasker in be-half of Laura Mercier and learn together how to create Flawlessly beautiful face using Laura Mercier makeups.

One piece of advice: make sure to purchase products on the day (or days maybe weeks before) of the event when you attend the workshop, usually they let guests ask and consult with the professional after the workshop if you're too shy to ask while he's conducting it. It's the best time to get beauty myths corrected and learn a trick or two about your Laura Mercier makeup. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss.

For more Information about the event, kindly refer to the photo posted above.

P.S. dearest Laura Mercier brand manager, asst. brand manager, marketing person and the likes; is it possible to score an interview with Jeffrey Tasker after the event? It would be awesome :)

Raise your drink,

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