Friday, November 30, 2012

Confession: Gangnam Style

Production requested if Ms. Gelli can wear something comfortable for the next episode--read: yung mabilis sya makakatayo and makakatakbo!

So dressed up Ms. Gellie in this Floral pants and white top with sequins by plains and prints that I finished off with a nude pumps- as Ms. Piggy would say it "para mabango Lang".

If you watched today's episode of Face-to-Face, you have figured out why. We have gangs as guests. Kagulo. It was my first time to actually feel the the tension in the studio. The men in blue (MIB) were all one jump away from the set and everyone was on their feet feeling antsy cos something unpleasant just might happen, like what if they start fighting on the stage- and as expected they did.

Slouched on the couch, made me shriek when i saw Ms. Gelli jumped out of her chair and ran up to where the Trio was and even before i can utter the words "whats happening?" my eyes were already seeing a real gang fight. And should say thank you to mr. camera man for doing a great job for the full shot of the set, I saw how crazy it was. Royal Rumble (Wrestling) action in Manila, baby! Thank God it only lasted for a couple of minutes, B1, B2 and the men in black did very well to stop the fight.

So here's your Stylepiration from Ms. Gelli, Ms. Piggy and I.

Poppy x

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