Saturday, November 10, 2012

Confession: The Show with Ms. Gelli de Belen and Ms. Piggy

New look and layout for thee blog as another chapter of thee life has begun. 

I love Ms. Piggy Especially when he gets mad at me because that’s when I get really really quiet that even when he (Ms. Piggy is a “he”) asks me “Naiintindihan mo ba ko?” all I can say is “Mm- 
mmm” and then the accusation—“Nagpapaawa ka nanaman!” When I’m not. Makes me laugh now when I think about it but God knows the bucketful of cold sweat my glands released right at the 
moment my phone started ringing and saw Ms. Piggy calling. Eh. But Ms. Piggy is a fairy Godmother in disguise. I truly love him. I am not saying that because I made a boo-boo last Thursday, nope. I 
am saying that because well—because he believed and continues to believe in me even if I have given him a thousand reasons to doubt me. Bongga! Im sure, he wouldn’t like that I’m getting all dramatic pero it’s my first post and this is an opportunity to thank him for being a blessing to me. Ms. Piggy gave me my first regular celebrity styling job on TV—Ms. Gelli De Belen and Face to Face.  

Every Wednesday I feel like a kid playing dress up Barbie with Ms. Gelli de Belen. Preparing her clothes, accessories, and shoes for the show, super saya cos it is a dream come true. When my 
cousins and I were still a kid, we used celebrity names when we play especially if we’re playing with Barbie dolls. My sister would be Ruffa G., Jen si Carmina Villaroel, I am Aiko then Lise is Gelli 
De Belen, oh-so-bongga! They used to be just Barbie dolls, we dress up and play with and now I am actually working with Ms. Gelli de Belen, deciding (with Ms. Piggy’s approval of course) her 
outfit for the show. I need a disclaimer for this or kung hindi lagot ako. It just brings back memories from my childhood but I don’t play with the clothes and Ms. Gelli. Eh.. I, sometimes, experiment; 
which gets me into trouble with Ms. Piggy but I do take this job seriously. I do make mistakes rather break Ms. Piggy’s styling rules but I don’t literally play when I work. I experiment, yes; I 
mix and match driven by inspirations from Look books and pinterest but I don’t play. Just makes me feel like I am playing cos I get styling quizzes. Like last Tuesday, pop quiz courtesy of Ms. 
Gelli. OMG! I need to put together an outfit for Ms. Gelli with whatever clothes that was on the rack. Usually, Ms. Piggy would do that but since he wasn’t there, ako na! My very thoughts  

“Omg. Omg. I shouldn’t fail Ms. Gelli, I shouldn’t disappoint
Ms. Piggy. Ano na ba? Eto, maganda”
Ms. Piggy’s voice echoed inside my head,
“Poppy, when youre styling for a client you should forget
about your taste. What you find cute may not be for your client,
prioritize their taste, hindi yung iyo.”
“Hindi na yan. Si Ms. Gelli held this pants kanina e. She
loved that pants, gagawan ko ng set yan.” 

10 minutes later, Ms. Gelli was able to choose something from the two sets of outfit I prepared. Now, time to consult Ms. Piggy. Go, ang set!!! Yayyy! I don’t know but when I work with super nice people the more I get nervous. Siguro kasi, I focus on the thought that I shouldn’t fail them instead of focusing on the idea that I am gonna make them look bongga. Both positive thoughts but I guess the second one is more pleasant. Mas hindi nakaka-pressure. 

Anyway, reference photos of the outfits Ms. Gelli wore in the past episodes of Face to Face. Tell me what you like best. 

MUA: Ms. Bambbi Fuentes
Stylist: Pattie Cruz
Top: Folded & Hung
MUA: Ms. Bambbi Fuentes
Stylist: Pattie Cruz

MUA: Ms. Bambbi Fuentes
Stylist: Pattie Cruz
Blazer: Graxie

MUA: Ms. Bambbi Fuentes
Stylist: Pattie Cruz
Dress: Plains and Prints

MUA: Ms. Bambbi Fuentes
Stylist: Pattie Cruz
Pants: Folded and Hung

These five looks should be enough to inspire us all how to balance and contrast pieces and colors. In the coming posts, i shall start with styling tips from Ms. Piggy and Ms. Gelli and beauty advices from Ms. Bambbi Fuentes. 


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