Monday, January 26, 2015

What is my Skin's Undertone Color? Help!

On the hunt for the perfect red lipstick? Or foundation too peachy for your skin that it feels so wrong? It is very important to take the Undertone test as this is like the ABC in makeup. Once you know your skin's undertone color then everything else will be easy to understand and deal with.

Just to make it more clear, Undertone is the color beneath your skin. There are 3 Skin Undertone Colors classified as Cool, Warm, and Neutral. Each has its own unique characteristic from the other but at times can be confusing. So i prepped questions and a guide to help you. Hopefully this makes everything else easier.

How to know your Skin's undertone?

1. When you check your wrist-veins in natural lighting condition aka sun is the source of light, what is the color of the veins on your wrist?

A. Blue or Violet
B. Sligthly green or Olive
C. Blue-Green

2. When you look at your skin closely what colors do you see?

A. It has pink, red and blue tinge to it
B. Yellow, Gold, and peach tinge to it
C. Neither pink, red, blue nor yellow, gold, peach but somewhere in-between

3. What color of jewelry flatters your skin the most?

A. Silver jewelry flatters your skin more than gold
B. Gold jewelry flatters your skin more than silver
C. Both gold and silver flatter your skin

4. How does your color appear when you look at it under the Sun?

A. It appears bluish
B. It appears yellowish
C. It appears greenish


You have a Cool undertone. Your veins are blue and/or violet. Your skin has pink, red, and blue tinges to it. Silver jewelry flatters your skin more than gold and when you look at your skin under the Sun it appears bluish.

You are have a Warm Undertone. The veins on your wrist are slightly green or olive. Your skin has yellow, gold, peach tinge to it. Gold jewelry flatters your skin more than silver and when you look at your skin under the Sun it appears yellowish.

You have a Neutral undertone. Veins on your wrist are blue green. Tinges on your skin are neither pink, red, blue, nor yellow, gold, peach but somewhere in between. Both gold and silver jewelry flatter you and when you look at your skin under the Sun it appears greenish.

To help you understand the Undertone test better, refer to the image below:

Photo Credit: The BlondeShell

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hot or Not: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

If i have to describe the kind of relationship that we have, then it's the platonic kind. We are somewhere between friends and lovers and from time to time we dont know each other but i stick around because he brings out the best in me.

The NYX HD Photogenic Concealer comes in a tube with wand applicator, it is a light weight creamy formula that gives light to medium coverage and finishes off flawless and smooth on my skin. It comes in an exciting range of (12) shades to blend with any skin color.

Im a CW03 Light/Pale

Photo Credit:

From my experience (depending on some varying factors like weather, condition of my skin and etc), it only creases when my oil gland is tremendously active and that is most likely during the summer time in Manila which is March, April and May so i make an effort to pat extra powder to set it perfectly on my skin.

However, I try to avoid it during the months of November to January when the weather is cold. There are spots where it gets a little flaky and additional moisture helps but not all the time (whispers: i know it's my skin that is a little problematic).

This is my under-eye with only a fair amount of moisturizer applied on it.

Notice how this concealer also brightened my skin? In love.

Will i buy another tube once i finish this? Yes. I love how it works for my skin in a normal day when its not summer or the holiday season. I may have some issues with it but it can be resolved without too much effort. It is, at the very least, worth a try.

If youre in Manila and would like to get a tube and be amazed, head over to any SM Department store thats where i got mine for not more than P500.00 hahaha i cannot remember how much exactly. Will update this ASAP.

Do you happen to own one for yourself and have tried-tested the product? What do you think?

Much Love,

Discalimer: Views and opinions above are my own and not influenced by any party or company. Product was purchased with my own money.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Beauty Cheats

I am not vain but I go on an extra mile to take care of myself so I spare time to read about beauty articles, makeup reviews, and skin care stuff; which i have been doing for like 10 years now. So with that no. of years, can you imagine how many times i had to struggle to perfect a cat's eye? Or to properly contour my face? how many times do i have to do a 'No-Makeup-Makeup look' to make sure the look does justice to its name? Or how many times i have made myself cry while lining my inner rims or threading stray hair off   my brows? That is why i am excited to write about and share 5 of the many makeup cheats i have learned by myself throughout the years (I can only think of 5 at the moment). Read on to learn more about these cheats that you need to try ASAP:

1. Thick natural-looking lashes

  • If you want your lashes to fake a fuller set, only attach demi-lashes (or cut into half your regular falsies) from the outer corner of your eye to one-third in or half-way in.
  • Apply mascara to marry your natural lashes with the falsies.
  • Or if you want to ditch the falsies, dust lashes with powder in-between mascara coats.

2. Very bibo eyeshadows
  • I remember when i was still in school and didnt have enough  money to splurge on cosmetics, i just take out this 18-pc palette with pinks, blacks, browns, nudes and grays and all that important-kind-of hues and use all them for different kind of things, like-- a blush, highlighter, contour and a filler for my brow; and i think i just grew up doing it cos i still tend to do that when Im doing my makeup and a hold of a palette that has all the colors i need.

3. Space-saving lippies

  •  I sometimes use my Lipstick as a blush to make space for other much needed prettifying weapon, i just dust it over with powder after to set the creamy lippies on to my skin. 

4. Tame that liner
  • I have no problem making my eye liner last the whole night but i do have a problem making them stay in one place, ever had the same problem? Laura Mercier has a "Tightline Activator" to help you make those naughty liners from running around your face. If you dont have much budget you may want to check out ELF's makeup sealer.

5. Multi-purpose brushes

  • I use my concealer brush as a lip brush, it makes application easier and faster.
  • I have a lot of foundation brushes cos i use them in so many ways like spreading and blending concealer under my eyes, applying bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and the same goes with my highlighter 

I dont have a sensitive skin (just an oily one), which is cool because i get to experiment with my makeup to know how else i can use it to my advantage, that is why I have this post. And, i've had the same face for the last one hundred years so i have familiarized a way of working with my brain, face and hands so they are somewhat BFF's; having said that some of my cheats might work or might not work for you and you might find yourself not comfortable cheating with them and that is fine but if all 5 cheats worked for you then that is seriously amazing!

This is part 1 of the Beauty Cheats series and i am sure that i will have more posts like this in the future. Have a great week ahead.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sharing is Caring

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the photos unless otherwise stated. Furthermore, i dont take credit for the photos posted and if you happen to own any of them please let me know in the comment box below so I can give you credit properly. 

Missed the first chance of seeing Pope Francis yesterday, was suppose to brave the sea of people along Roxas blvd. to catch a glimpse of him but my problematic eye irritation didnt let me. Hopefully, Sunday will be a different story and I am looking forward to that. So, while on TV waiting for papal visit updates, I was on pinterest and pinning random stuff and i thought, i should be sharing more than i am already doing. Like i always say, 'Sharing is Caring' and because i am so inspired to do good because of Pope Francis I am going to make Fridays more special.

I love my pinterest boards so much I am sharing my pins here on my blog every Friday. I wish i can do more than that but I am sure I will be able to in due time and I am so excited so just have patience.

Every PIN-DAY, FRIDAY, i will be sharing 5 pins or 1 pin for each of the following:
Health or Fitness
-- Fashion, Trend or Style
-- Self or Beauty
-- Skin care, Nails or Hair
-- Random pin, Requested pin (message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And we shall start.

Currently trying these exercises with the hopes of 'growing' abs. We should do it together. Right click to save and let me know after two weeks if there were any changes. Good luck to us!

Summer in two and a half months and it's seriously the best time to shop for sunnies. Let this pin guide you through your hunt.

For the strands that make us oh damn gorgeous, here is a pin to help you understand better what hair tools are best to use for your crowning glory.

Right click + SAVE.

For the random shizzle that should make you jiggle,

Just limit your coffee intake. We still want to be healthy.

I hope everybody enjoyed this read as i enjoyed writing, searching and putting together all those pins for you in one entry. Dont forget to like and share this post to your social media accounts Sharing is Caring.

Much Love,

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ultimate Lip Guide

Like it or not, Lips-- seal the deal or well, break it. 

It was probably 3-4 years ago when i realized the critical role our pouts play in our lives, I remember reading something about color psychology and boom-- Lip Psychology. Hahaha, Naaaah. Well, safe to say that you can show emotion or establish a personality profile with your Lip color. Like being sexy and seductive with red lips or sweet and innocent pink smackers, and this is the reason why we always get ourselves into some kind of dilemma when we decide the perfect lippies for some special rare occasions.

So I made a list of those "Special Occasions" and a lip color suggestion to help you and guide you through the decision making process because I am really nice like that (*wink*). Read on, gorgeous people of the world:

First Date
A romantic red. It's that perfect red color for being bold yet coy. You're just somewhere in-between to keep him guessing. Scarlet red, bloody red or any other red might make you look either aggressive or stiff.
  --  TRY: Sleek Lipstick in Candy Cane or Prestige's Romantic Red 

Job Interview
A wise berry. Because pink is just too playful, and you definitely dont want to look playful to the eyes of your interviewer. During an interview, our goal is to make a good and realistic impression and with a berry stain thats what youre going to make with the right mix of red (symbolizing aggressiveness) and blue (symbolizing sincerity). If youve found your best red lip color, it can be an option but not the wiser choice.
  --  TRY: Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Trendsetter or Nars' Semi Matte Lipstick in Scarlett Empress

ID Picture
The young nude pink stains. We dont want to look old, but, we dont want to look young; we want to keep it natural but we want a little color. Nude Pink is the color for everyone and by that I mean it's a great color to invest in.
  --  TRY: Laura Mercier's Creme Lip Colour in Pink Label or MAC's Please Me 

Shopping or trip to the grocery
Mood Lips. This is that activity that people wont judge even if you wear that almost black lippies you bought a month ago out of impulse. It is the time to let loose and express yourself through your color sticks and have fun but if you seriously want a specific color recommendation, i say, go for happy light shades.
  --  TRY: NYX's Creamy round lipstick in Peach Bellini or Laura Mercier's Creme Lip Colour in Tangerine

Big day at work
Calls for deep colors in the hues of red and berries. You could be doing a presentation or could be your first day as the newly promoted *insert dream position here*, the point is you mean serious business and a deep-colored lacquer gives the perfect introduction of what you mean.
  --  TRY: Nars' Pure Matte Lipstick in Terre de Feu or ELF Essential Lipstick in Posh 
*Click here if you want to see how i rocked the Nars Terre de feu

If you think I missed out on a special occasion or big day just let me know and i shall include it on the next part of this series. Oh yes, This is part 1 of the many, so stay tuned for more pasabog! Thank you and i hope i was able to help in a way. 

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Brows have been an obsession ever since I've accidentally murdered them (shaved them all off) in 3rd year high school, that's all I'm saying as it is obviously a nightmare I just want to forget.

I confess, brows and I have this love-hate relationship that i am always on the look out for products to "maintain" our relationship

Let me show you the deal-makers that had helped me through the day's job.

Ever Bilena Brow pencil in Brown
It's my go to product whenever i left my brow kit at home and the only place i can get my hands on a brow fixer is either a convenience store, a drugstore or a mini grocery. Color is buildable, which is great for beginners; is cheap (P100.00 or about $2) and (like i said earlier) it's available everywhere. The only bad thing about it is the staying-power; if you have an oily skin like me then be prepared to do retouches every two hours.

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
For a long time, i was in love with this pencil. They are highly pigmented, so if you have great control over your hands, you can give this a product a go. It stays in place for a longer time compared to others.Only P128.00 and available in 4 colors.

The Face Shop's Design My Brows
Currently into this product. It's a brow cream-pencil in a retractable pen with an angled-triangular head, which makes it easier to sweep the product on to skin, and a spoolie on the other end for easy blending. It is softer compared to a regular pencil; color looks very natural on my brows when applied, and refillable so once you have the auto pen it becomes cheaper. They come in four colors at P228.00 each.

Etude House's Color My Brows in 03
It acts like a filler to me and a brow lighter. If you have thick and dark hair strands and you have your brows shaped nicely then all you need is this guy right here to make sure your brows are  perfectly set and filled and doesn't look too dark for the common eyes. I got a shade lighter than my black brows so it doesnt just fill them in but also tones down the color of my beloved. I love this product the only problem is that the spoolie tends to get more product than it should and it's a little creamier so i struggle a bit when using this but all-in-all, i love how it works. P378.00 each and comes in 5 colors.
*I use a different product to fill in my brows and use this to set, tone down and equally fill the rest of my brows.

Laura Mercier Eye shadow in Rich Cocoa
My real go-to product if i cant make a  trip to the mall to buy a real brow product. I use this with an angled brush and a bit of water which i spray directly to the e/s (eyeshadow). This is the bomb diggity. I believe Laura can make a brow product out of this. It stays in place for a long time perfectly even if i have an oily skin and color is brilliant and buildable so you can make natural looking or strong brows, whatever you wish.

SmartFX Smart Brow
I've only worked with this product once. It's a magical water-proof brow product that is too liquid-y but dries off a bit sheen-ish (it's matte but tends to reflect light so sheen-ish is more like it). It's great for people like me who gets themselves in a brow dilemma once in a while and prays for a legit water-proof product that can let you go to the beach with a decent looking brows. The low down on this product; you need a bit of patience if you want it to work, it'll require great control of hands to work with the soft + light wand and spoolie and more patience for the product to set and dry; which reminds me of a quote 'good stuff is always with worth the wait' true that to this fixer! Oh hey, water cant take this off, you will need the gel formula it comes with to totally get it off your brows.

That's all for today. Do you also have a brow-obsession? Comment down below and yes-yes-yes, lets talk about it.

Have an amazing week ahead.

Much Love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pattieta returns Home

Unintentionally abandoned my blog for the longest time and not so happy about it. Tried to focus on celebrity styling for the past three years that I have not made a decent entry for the past two years. I remember jumping for joy when I first reached a three-digit subscribers in 2012, now I am down to 40 and I want to thank those 40 people who still follow me. I have learned my lesson and will never again take anyone for granted and promise to keep this blog updated as much as I can.

First off, trying not to be so emotional about my come-back to the blogosphere and keeping this direct to the point and simple; I would like to ask for ideas on what to do for my first 2015 video. You may tweet or instagram your suggestions with the #pattietaisback and as soon as I find something i will start filming. Just to guide you guys through, I want to revive my beauty channel on YouTube but fashion-related topics are also welcome at least on this blog. I'm open to doing tag posts, makeup reviews, tutorials, hauls and similar things. 

Again, thank you and really excited of hearing from everyone. 

Much love,


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