Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Beauty Cheats

I am not vain but I go on an extra mile to take care of myself so I spare time to read about beauty articles, makeup reviews, and skin care stuff; which i have been doing for like 10 years now. So with that no. of years, can you imagine how many times i had to struggle to perfect a cat's eye? Or to properly contour my face? how many times do i have to do a 'No-Makeup-Makeup look' to make sure the look does justice to its name? Or how many times i have made myself cry while lining my inner rims or threading stray hair off   my brows? That is why i am excited to write about and share 5 of the many makeup cheats i have learned by myself throughout the years (I can only think of 5 at the moment). Read on to learn more about these cheats that you need to try ASAP:

1. Thick natural-looking lashes

  • If you want your lashes to fake a fuller set, only attach demi-lashes (or cut into half your regular falsies) from the outer corner of your eye to one-third in or half-way in.
  • Apply mascara to marry your natural lashes with the falsies.
  • Or if you want to ditch the falsies, dust lashes with powder in-between mascara coats.

2. Very bibo eyeshadows
  • I remember when i was still in school and didnt have enough  money to splurge on cosmetics, i just take out this 18-pc palette with pinks, blacks, browns, nudes and grays and all that important-kind-of hues and use all them for different kind of things, like-- a blush, highlighter, contour and a filler for my brow; and i think i just grew up doing it cos i still tend to do that when Im doing my makeup and a hold of a palette that has all the colors i need.

3. Space-saving lippies

  •  I sometimes use my Lipstick as a blush to make space for other much needed prettifying weapon, i just dust it over with powder after to set the creamy lippies on to my skin. 

4. Tame that liner
  • I have no problem making my eye liner last the whole night but i do have a problem making them stay in one place, ever had the same problem? Laura Mercier has a "Tightline Activator" to help you make those naughty liners from running around your face. If you dont have much budget you may want to check out ELF's makeup sealer.

5. Multi-purpose brushes

  • I use my concealer brush as a lip brush, it makes application easier and faster.
  • I have a lot of foundation brushes cos i use them in so many ways like spreading and blending concealer under my eyes, applying bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and the same goes with my highlighter 

I dont have a sensitive skin (just an oily one), which is cool because i get to experiment with my makeup to know how else i can use it to my advantage, that is why I have this post. And, i've had the same face for the last one hundred years so i have familiarized a way of working with my brain, face and hands so they are somewhat BFF's; having said that some of my cheats might work or might not work for you and you might find yourself not comfortable cheating with them and that is fine but if all 5 cheats worked for you then that is seriously amazing!

This is part 1 of the Beauty Cheats series and i am sure that i will have more posts like this in the future. Have a great week ahead.

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Much Love,

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