Saturday, January 10, 2015


Brows have been an obsession ever since I've accidentally murdered them (shaved them all off) in 3rd year high school, that's all I'm saying as it is obviously a nightmare I just want to forget.

I confess, brows and I have this love-hate relationship that i am always on the look out for products to "maintain" our relationship

Let me show you the deal-makers that had helped me through the day's job.

Ever Bilena Brow pencil in Brown
It's my go to product whenever i left my brow kit at home and the only place i can get my hands on a brow fixer is either a convenience store, a drugstore or a mini grocery. Color is buildable, which is great for beginners; is cheap (P100.00 or about $2) and (like i said earlier) it's available everywhere. The only bad thing about it is the staying-power; if you have an oily skin like me then be prepared to do retouches every two hours.

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
For a long time, i was in love with this pencil. They are highly pigmented, so if you have great control over your hands, you can give this a product a go. It stays in place for a longer time compared to others.Only P128.00 and available in 4 colors.

The Face Shop's Design My Brows
Currently into this product. It's a brow cream-pencil in a retractable pen with an angled-triangular head, which makes it easier to sweep the product on to skin, and a spoolie on the other end for easy blending. It is softer compared to a regular pencil; color looks very natural on my brows when applied, and refillable so once you have the auto pen it becomes cheaper. They come in four colors at P228.00 each.

Etude House's Color My Brows in 03
It acts like a filler to me and a brow lighter. If you have thick and dark hair strands and you have your brows shaped nicely then all you need is this guy right here to make sure your brows are  perfectly set and filled and doesn't look too dark for the common eyes. I got a shade lighter than my black brows so it doesnt just fill them in but also tones down the color of my beloved. I love this product the only problem is that the spoolie tends to get more product than it should and it's a little creamier so i struggle a bit when using this but all-in-all, i love how it works. P378.00 each and comes in 5 colors.
*I use a different product to fill in my brows and use this to set, tone down and equally fill the rest of my brows.

Laura Mercier Eye shadow in Rich Cocoa
My real go-to product if i cant make a  trip to the mall to buy a real brow product. I use this with an angled brush and a bit of water which i spray directly to the e/s (eyeshadow). This is the bomb diggity. I believe Laura can make a brow product out of this. It stays in place for a long time perfectly even if i have an oily skin and color is brilliant and buildable so you can make natural looking or strong brows, whatever you wish.

SmartFX Smart Brow
I've only worked with this product once. It's a magical water-proof brow product that is too liquid-y but dries off a bit sheen-ish (it's matte but tends to reflect light so sheen-ish is more like it). It's great for people like me who gets themselves in a brow dilemma once in a while and prays for a legit water-proof product that can let you go to the beach with a decent looking brows. The low down on this product; you need a bit of patience if you want it to work, it'll require great control of hands to work with the soft + light wand and spoolie and more patience for the product to set and dry; which reminds me of a quote 'good stuff is always with worth the wait' true that to this fixer! Oh hey, water cant take this off, you will need the gel formula it comes with to totally get it off your brows.

That's all for today. Do you also have a brow-obsession? Comment down below and yes-yes-yes, lets talk about it.

Have an amazing week ahead.

Much Love,

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