Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pattieta returns Home

Unintentionally abandoned my blog for the longest time and not so happy about it. Tried to focus on celebrity styling for the past three years that I have not made a decent entry for the past two years. I remember jumping for joy when I first reached a three-digit subscribers in 2012, now I am down to 40 and I want to thank those 40 people who still follow me. I have learned my lesson and will never again take anyone for granted and promise to keep this blog updated as much as I can.

First off, trying not to be so emotional about my come-back to the blogosphere and keeping this direct to the point and simple; I would like to ask for ideas on what to do for my first 2015 video. You may tweet or instagram your suggestions with the #pattietaisback and as soon as I find something i will start filming. Just to guide you guys through, I want to revive my beauty channel on YouTube but fashion-related topics are also welcome at least on this blog. I'm open to doing tag posts, makeup reviews, tutorials, hauls and similar things. 

Again, thank you and really excited of hearing from everyone. 

Much love,

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