Friday, January 16, 2015

Sharing is Caring

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the photos unless otherwise stated. Furthermore, i dont take credit for the photos posted and if you happen to own any of them please let me know in the comment box below so I can give you credit properly. 

Missed the first chance of seeing Pope Francis yesterday, was suppose to brave the sea of people along Roxas blvd. to catch a glimpse of him but my problematic eye irritation didnt let me. Hopefully, Sunday will be a different story and I am looking forward to that. So, while on TV waiting for papal visit updates, I was on pinterest and pinning random stuff and i thought, i should be sharing more than i am already doing. Like i always say, 'Sharing is Caring' and because i am so inspired to do good because of Pope Francis I am going to make Fridays more special.

I love my pinterest boards so much I am sharing my pins here on my blog every Friday. I wish i can do more than that but I am sure I will be able to in due time and I am so excited so just have patience.

Every PIN-DAY, FRIDAY, i will be sharing 5 pins or 1 pin for each of the following:
Health or Fitness
-- Fashion, Trend or Style
-- Self or Beauty
-- Skin care, Nails or Hair
-- Random pin, Requested pin (message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And we shall start.

Currently trying these exercises with the hopes of 'growing' abs. We should do it together. Right click to save and let me know after two weeks if there were any changes. Good luck to us!

Summer in two and a half months and it's seriously the best time to shop for sunnies. Let this pin guide you through your hunt.

For the strands that make us oh damn gorgeous, here is a pin to help you understand better what hair tools are best to use for your crowning glory.

Right click + SAVE.

For the random shizzle that should make you jiggle,

Just limit your coffee intake. We still want to be healthy.

I hope everybody enjoyed this read as i enjoyed writing, searching and putting together all those pins for you in one entry. Dont forget to like and share this post to your social media accounts Sharing is Caring.

Much Love,

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