Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Hunt: Perfect Face Foundation

So i stayed up really late last night because i was browsing through ads and reviews of foundation for oily skin. I took screen caps so i wont forget and earlier today i brave the traffic and went to the mall near my house.

I was seriously eyeing on drugstore products like revlon, l'oreal, maybelline, cover girl, and max factor. Unfortunately, some products werent available or maybe i was just blind not to find them or i didnt get any help with the counter ladies who assisted me. It's a pity. Anyway, i thought if i walk a little more i'll find watsons in the opposite end and that, of course; happened.

I got myself the Quick FX tinted moisturizer and the Quick FX CC Cream. I already tried them tonight and so excited to use them tomorrow and take pics! Has anyone of you tried one of these already? It looked promising. Im excited for tomorrow.

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